Friday, June 20, 2008

Martin & Osa Colorful Cardigan

I recently got this amazing kelly green cardigan from Martin & Osa - a new brand by American Eagle.  I decided to pair it with this cute day dress I picked up at Old Navy awhile back.  I'm trying to focus on my budget more than ever, so spending & shopping are going to have to come down a notch for me to make my goals of paying off my credit card reasonable.  Anywho,  I feel like I keep hearing all about how "lots of color" is supposed to be big for this Summer, which is just peachy keen with me. I just came back from the Bahamas where there is a plethora of colors everywhere - the buildings, flowers...everything is so vibrant!  

My hubby and I were going out for a quick bite to eat at Chili's earlier this week.  Ever since seeing one of their recent commercials, I've been dying to try their Big Mouth Bites and let me tell you, they are quite tasty.  Not so good for watching the figure, but I'm not worried about squeezing into a wedding dress, so I can splurge on the calories! :)  I always seem to get cold in restaurants, so it's imperative that I dress in layers...luckily, I think these two colors went together pretty well.

The cardigan is super comfy and I love how the sleeves are just a bit cropped - keeps them from getting in the way.  I really like the length of the cardigan, too - not too short, not too long.  All in all a great addition to the wardrobe and it's currently on sale!

Check out Martin & Osa online for more great fashion goodies.  I especially like their "Shop By Outfit" page - the pictures move, which is really cool!  It's not something you'd find at your typical online shop.

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Martin & Osa
Gold Flip Flops: J Crew


Redhead said...

love the look

Lys said...

The outfit is tres snazzy!!! Necklace is not available online? What's with that ;)

Speaking of your jewelry - what's up for fall collections?

trollsy said...

nice... realy nice!

Shopaholic D said...

thanks redhead!

hi lys! i made one for myself and never made another one to sell...haha. i don't have anything lined up for fall just yet, but there is a bead show coming in town next weekend so I might hit it up for some fall looks. I will def keep you posted!

thanks trollsy!

:) D

Wendy said...

Sweet dress, I like the color alot.

Char said...

very much an exotic hothouse flower combi =) perfect for summer

aizat.cinta.goddess said... is fantastic!love the dress..the cardigan is to die for

Rk, Style Blogger said...

Great outfit, love the colors! Thanks for posting about Martin & Osa, I've never heard of that brand but I love AE so I can't wait to check it out! Great blog. I have one too and was just looking aound at all the other fashion blogs! :)

Mandy said...

Old Navy has some cute dresses! Good look, it's working! (:

Victoria DeLorenzi said...

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Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Wendy!

Thanks Aizat!

Hey RK - they have good stuff - it's like AE but nicer and more chic! :)

Thanks Mandy!

Purse Addict said...

Love the color choice!

Shopaholic D said...

thanks purse addict!

:) D

Breanna said...

I love your cardigan which you have chosen from Martin Osa...