Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sephora Make-Up Shopping

Sephora is the devil when you're shopping on a budget, no? I want one of everything in there! I braved my shopaholicism and went to Sephora with a girlfriend this past weekend. I went for eyeliner and came back with some other goodies. They were all under budget, though. :)

I got the eyeliner I went for (Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes eyeliner in Black), new lip gloss (Korres - cherry), and a LORAC multi-plantinum palatte. I also got a free sample of some Sephora body cream in coconut, which smells delish!

Here's a peek under the covers.

And a closer look at the palette. I was torn between getting this palette and the other LORAC palatte, but the guy at the store pointed out that since I already have the Croc palette, I already have plenty of neutrals, so the platinum would be more fun.

Since I spent so much at Sephora, I decided to try to get as little as possible in the clothes department. I ended up just getting this adorable tank top for around $13.

Here's a closer look at the floral neckline. I love this part!

Have you gotten any good goodies lately? Are you shopping as much as you used to?


Fabulously Broke said...

I'm too lazy to dress and get out to shop.

It's a good thing.

But when I visit friends in Ontario and am alone without BF, I tend to shop it up :)

Marie - recovering shopaholic - LOL said...

I love Sephora & there are 2 near where I work. I went in there the other day because if you are on their mailing list, you can get a freebie when it's near your birthday. I got 3 free sample size Sephora lipglosses. Last month I also got that coconut body butter you have. Let me tell you it is great for dry feet or skin. I love it. Its very rich and smells great. Those are the only goodies I got because I'm really scrimping in these tough times. Hubby's hours were cut in half so necessities come first. That makes freebies at Sephora - all the more attractive. I encourage everyone I know to sign up on their email list and their "points card".

Random Web Surfer said...

Meant to say in my previous comment, love your blog! I am a shopaholic too. Shoes, makeup, accessories and sweaters are my biggest obsessions. In summer, sweaters will change to cute short-sleeve tops and camis! :-) Did I see that you make jewelry too? Very cool!

Sephora is a dangerous place. I am obsessed with Stila Lash Visor Mascara, their lip plumper and the awesome pencil that is eyeshadow, liner and a smudger in one.

I almost bought Sephora's Blockbuster palette at Christmastime...you know, the $48 one? It is so hard to go in there and only get one thing, isn't it? I try to keep my spending in check too what with the economy but sure is hard!

Milly said...

I know...i can't go in there just to browse..i always end up with something...and i love getting their free travel samples..last time..i got Murad face scrub.

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Cari said...

Cute tank!

Lys said...

I've been trying to NOT go shopping. However, its easier said than done. My last big purchase was my GZ pumps which I got on the cheap. I might head to the outlets tomorrow - Stuart Weitzman is having a sale.

G.G. said...

YES! Sephora is the DEVIL, and it's on almost as many street corners here as Starbucks, which makes it very dangerous indeed! That Makeup Forever eyeliner is the best in the business, in my opinion, too :) That eye palette is fabulous for your coloring (and how pretty is that casing!). Fashion week is killing me, but I thought I'd pay you a quick visit. Any new jewelry designs coming up?

H said...

The shirt is so cute!
Check out my blog that i've just started.



AnnUh said...

Cute shirt!

Way to stay under budget as well. I fail miserably at it :P

Tierra said...

I love that glistening palate! It's great and the colors inside are even better! I recently got an awesome makeup case (yep, I'm a makeup-aholic)
I think it deserves a few Sephora goodies!

nat88008 said...


LyricLemon said...

If I could go anywhere to get goodies right now, I'd travel to London, a true shopaholic and fashionista's dream! http://tinyurl.com/aakqus

Julia said...

It is so hard to walk into Sephora and not spend a jillion dollars. I'm impressed you were able to stay in your budget! :) And that tank top is adorable...where did you get it?

I also wanted to say that I love your blog! As a fellow shopaholic, I have a serious weakness for shoes and jewelry, in particular. I'm also getting into fair trade jewelry - have you ever looked into that? I just found a great site that has some gorgeous stuff: http://www.theandeancollection.com
You should check it out!
But anyway, awesome blog!

G.G. said...

Alright, Lady! It's been almost a month! We demand posts! xoxo

Mandy said...

that place is such a devil! haha i try not to go in cuz i feel like i have to buy something!

i haven't gotten any goodies. ): im on a shopping ban!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Zahid Enterprises said...

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-h said...

that coconut lotion sounds so good. i love coconut!

i hope i shop less. i just went a little crazy recently as a treat to myself. but i think overall im shopping a lot smarter.