Friday, January 20, 2006

First Post EVER...and a lil history!

Ok, so I've decided to start up my first blog....I know....I caved in....everyone has one, right? Well, mine may be a bit different from some. I plan on talking primarily about my work & passion - jewelry making.

"Pearly Peacock" - turquoise, coin freshwater pearls, amethyst, peridot colored Swarovski crystal bicone

For a lil history....I've always been an artsy person. My dad is an architect, so since childhood, he has nurtured the artistic side in me by helping me take up all kinds of artistic hobbies, including: painting with acrylics & watercolors, drawing with pencils & colored pencils & charcoals & pastels, seed-beading (weaving & jewelry making), photography, scrapbooking....and the list goes on.

Once I got to college, I found that I didn't have time for the arts & crafts I used to appreciate, so I kinda (sadly enough) let it go. No worries though! As soon as I graduated and got my first "real job," I was soon looking for a hobby to utilize my newly found free time. Well, for whatever reason, I went in Michaels and went to look at craft supplies & stumbled upon some books on jewelry making. They were fascinating! I had never thought to work with beads other than seed beads before! I started purchasing pewter components & glass beads and I made some simple bracelets, which I gave to friends, co-workers, family, etc. It wasn't long before I wanted to upgrade, not only my materials, but my skills, so I taught myself how to do wire-wrapping and started purchasing Swarovski crystals. It's kinda like a snowball effect, really...I've found myself constantly looking for new beads & components, as well as new methods. I started purchasing gorgeous gemstones & freshwater pearls, and I'm looking into ways I can make my own "designer" pendants. I'll have to keep you posted on that one though...gonna be awhile before I can afford one of those kilns! They're expensive!

Well, I guess that's enough with the "high level history." I've started this blog so I can share the story behind my work and my inspiration with people around the country ...and even the world!

After playing around with several of the blog layouts, I finally decided on this least till they come up w/ some new ones to try. This one has the same simple clean look as my web site....I found the others to be too overdone for me, or too "techie-looking." So, this will be with me for awhile. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and PLEASE do feel free to post comments. I always enjoy getting feedback! :-)

Thanks for stopping in!


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