Thursday, February 16, 2006

*NEW* - Outfit Suggestions

Yay! A great new idea is rolling out from D Celestine Limited! Woo hoo! Since DCL is inspired by fashion, I've decided to add "Outfit Suggestions" to some of my designs! Now, as of today, I only have one outfit suggestion done for the "Heart of Bermuda" necklace, but I'll be adding more and more of these fun pages as I get them completed. Here's what the screen looks like:

Heart of Bermuda Necklace

To see the "Outfit Suggestions" just open up the detail page of a design you like and scroll down to the "Get the Scoop" section. This area has any further details about the design that would not normally be included in the basic details. If an outfit suggestion is available for the design you're eyeing, look for a link to the "Outfit Suggestions" page and click to see any outfit tips I have for that particular piece! It's that simple!

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