Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tahitian Glow Set

Here's my latest & greatest - the "Tahitian Glow" jewelry set. The first thing that catches my eye with this set is the gorgeous, almost-glowing orange color of the Red Carnelian stones. A little sparkle is added to the jewelry with Swarovski crystals. It took a long time to put this set together, because all the stones are hand-wire-wrapped using sterling silver wire, but it was definately worth it! The necklace features a large, flat, round Carnelian disk for its focal point. Here's the necklace:

Tahitian Glow Necklace

I named this jewelry set because the warm tones of the beads reminded me of some sort of mystical nighttime luau. My super-cool childhood friend, Serena, helped me come up with the final name, though! I was going to call it "Luau Glow," but she suggested "Tahitian Glow," which I thought sounded pretty cool and still fit the necklace well. Here's the bracelet:

Tahitian Glow Bracelet

The necklace and bracelet feature a gorgeous Karen Hill Tribe Thai silver, teardrop toggle. The toggle has a slightly antiqued look to it, but I think the shape of it is what really sets it apart and gives both the necklace and bracelet extra personality! Because the carnelian stones can get heavy if you use too many at one time, I kept the earrings simple and just used one carnelian faceted rectangle and one bicone Swarovski crystal in topaz for each one:

Tahitian Glow Earrings

The orange color of the Carnelian is simply enchanting. I love how the natural colors of the stones are almost undulating as they swirl from a deep, almost brown tone, to bright orange, to an almost light yellow hue. Add some color to your jewel box with this stunning set!

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