Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Officially Indie Friendly

Hey there!

Wonderful news! My site has just been approved as "Indie Friendly." The Craft Revolution (click here for web site) has an Indie Friendly directory that includes editor-approved-only web sites. These web sites have to maintain and follow strict guidelines to ensure quality online service to potential customers, such as clearly posted return policies, privacy policies, and other important information. For the full list of policies, click here.

Be sure to check out both The Craft Revolution main web site and their Indie Friendly directory!

:-) Diana


Kelly Zarb said...

Hi there,
ijust stumbled upon your site from The Switchboard, love your work. i am also a young jewellery designer from Australia if you want to keep in contact check out my blog

Megan said...

congrats on being indie friendly! i know you must be thrilled

Shopaholic D said...


Hey! I love the guys are so cool! I posted on your just took a couple days b/c Blogger wasn't saving my first comment.

KIT, Diana

Shopaholic D said...


Yes ma'am I am!