Thursday, July 16, 2009

Girly Pink for Work

I work in a very corporate environment where most people stick to blues, blacks, whites, grays, and browns (boring!). Wearing my pink shoes is a bit risque, but the other day, I was feeling frisky and decided to wear a whole BUNCH of pink!

I kept the look on the business side with my simple black skirt and cardigan, but I wore my hot pink shoes with a hot pink top. I like pairing colors of different tones together, so I wore a baby pink cardigan, which I thought contrasted nicely against my brighter top. I got some looks but didn't care. I had so much fun rocking out my pink ensemble!

Hot Pink Mary Jane Heels: J Crew
Skirt: Banana Republic
White Cami: Banana Republic
Hot Pink Top: Express
Baby Pink Cardigan: Gap


le chiquest said...

cute shoes!

Emily said...

Very cute outfit! Our normal dress code at work is pretty boring as well but in the summer they will let us go business casual and then that is when you see all the weirdness. People start to get really creative where I work, i.e. shorts....

Julia said...

I love your style! It's so classy and elegant!!! Not to mention, J. Crew and Banana Republic are having HUGE sales. I went into Banana on Firth Ave in NYC and I really thought it was Old Navy because the entire sale section was in huge and in chaos! I got a 100% silk shirt for $15 bucks. J. Crew had the same thing and I for a dress for like $50.