Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Dress for Any Occasion

So...I haven't been shopping. Not. At. All. Not really in stores and not really online, save an occasional browse or pass-through. I'm trying to save money for other things (like our new house) and can't really put money towards clothes - ESPECIALLY not when I already have so much I can barely contain it all!

However, I think some window shopping here or there would be healthy and help me see how people are styling clothes so I can style what I already have. I will be making purchases once in awhile, but not like I used to.

Lately, I've been craving dresses. I've decided I need a single red statement dress for holiday parties. I browsed online today in search of dresses and though I didn't find any red ones, I did find lots of other pretty ones.

A Dress for Any Occasion:

New Year's Eve Party

J Crew - Silk taffeta Karyn dress - $295
This metallic number will help you be the life of the party. So festive!

Classy Night Out

Banana Republic - Colorblock Dress Waist Dress - $130
The classic lines of this dress help you look sexy and appropriate.

Daytime Dress-Up

Modcloth - So Chic in Batik dress - $54.99
Pair this with tights and slouchy boots for a fab daytime look - shopping with the girls, getting groceries (what? some people dress up even for grocery shopping!), or running errands

Date Night

Anthropologie - Abstract Adornment Dress - $248
The deep winter hues of this fun pattern paired with the simple lines and fun jeweled necklace of this dress make you sophisticated-sexy.

What types of dresses are you shopping for (if any)?

NOTE: images from respective web sites


Meila said...

hey comcheck my blog out
love your blog

Coco2Dior said...

I'm loving the new colors for spring 2010. The yellows, oranges and pinks will be a great change from all the metal and black we had this winter. The jewel tones are nice but its Time for a change!! Although i only saw the back the little gray dress was cute. Follow me!

Coco2Dior said...

I've been craving dresses two becausei dont have any!!! any suggestions?

Mystique Boutique said...

I do so love modcloth. I have to keep myself from that site, or else I'll go broke. lol