Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gap - Early Spring 2010

As I blog in front of my space heater for extra warmth on this extra cold day, Gap reveals it's early Spring 2010 collection. While I don't have any intentions of actually wearing these clothes yet in these frigid conditions, I don't mind shopping them online.

Here are my faves:

Chambray drawstring shirt dress - $59.50
Ahh...the classic shirtdress. This one seems to have a nice, roomy cut with a flirty edge.

Hip slung easy flare denim pants - $54.50
A nice pair of denim is a must in my wardrobe. If I didn't already have a pair, I may scope these out.

Floral cardigan - $44.50
I love cardigans, but this floral number will add a punch of fun with the pattern and colors. The blue-green one is really nice, too.

Double-breasted shawl cardigan - $69.50
I don't love the colors of this (for my skin tone), but I do love the cut. Also available in navy.

Button cuff roll-up T - $19.50
I need t-shirts. I NEED them. I can't find any I like. Gap typically has nice ones. I like the cuff details on this number.

The ultimate cardigan - $49.50
I'm a cardigan-olic. You can't have enough, really, and this number is available in a plethora of colors.

Button detail boatneck T - $22.50
Like I said...I NEED t-shirts. I love the boatneck cut and button details on this one. I have a couple from a few years ago with long sleeves and those little shoulder buttons and they are some of my faves.

What are you shopping for this Spring 2010?

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Machele said...

I'm so excited for spring! Those colors and cuts are so comfy, I can't wait to get out of the cold.

Sarah (Buzz) said...

I love the floral cardigan...cardigans are so cute and this is a nice spring twist on the cardigan...I would definitely buy it :)

iloveindiee x said...

I love the double brested cardie, it has an indie, springy flare to it, cheers for the insight x

Mattamorphis said...

Do you shop at Madewell? I think you would enjoy that store.

jeny said...

The new collections from Gap are fabulous, I would like to have one of them.

Martu said...

loving your blog!! needed some awesome inspiration ! :)
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madison said...

Darling, this is fantastic. I stumbled across your blog and found myself captivated. It's glorious. Please visit my personal blog sometime;

Afternoon Tea:

G.G. said...

Darling, it's been much too long since a post from you! I hope everything is okay and you're just enjoying life and are too busy. We'll be here when you get back. Hoping it's soon.

xx GG

Maskenlady said...

Awesome pieces!

Charlotte said...


Love the site!

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Adelaide said...

I love the draw string dress and the brown cardigan. The cardigan especially, looks really comfortable.

Vintage and Cake said...

I do like Gap, they have a very clean fresh look. I am going to get some peg leg jean's that I just adore :P