Sunday, July 02, 2006

Haute Hair

I was browsing the web today when I stumbled upon photos on Getty Images from the World Hairstyling Championships, hosted in Moscow.

Something about this one just caught my eye. Obviously, I'd never actually wear my hair like this, but from an artistic standpoint, both the hair and the photo are brilliant!

Now this is more like something I would actually do with my hair. Does this mean that the "sleek straight" look is coming back? Good thing I have a great straightening iron - the Chi!

NOTE: Images from Getty Images


amiamazing said...

yes I agree...very nice image

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Amiamazing!

:) D

AnastasiaC said...

I have super curly hair but love my proffessional blow outs - not too keen on the ironed flat look
sigh...dont know anyone who is happy with their hair heehee

Shopaholic D said...


I have pretty curly hair, so I'm with you on the professional blowouts - love them! Unfortunately, the straightening iron is easier than the blow out for me to do at home, so my hair is usually pretty straight - I prefer the blow out too!

:) D