Friday, July 21, 2006

SA Recommends - Hot Belts!

Shopaholic girlie Dinah writes, "I just got a polks dot strapless dress and now I just need a red belt....any suggestions on where to get one?"


Shopaholic sweetie ShopDiary writes, "i need a patent leather belt in white!!!"

I have a couple recommendations...when I'm trying to look for something trendy at a somewhat decent price, I like to check bebe, Guess, and Urban Outfitters first! Other great stores with trendy items are Anthropologie, Arden B, and Aldo. I posted some examples I found online (see below), but do be sure to check the stores, as their in-stock merchandise is often more extensive than their online. I happened to get 2 wide patent leather belts from bebe that I loooovvveee - they're not available online anymore, but I bet most stores will have a couple left. Anywho, here are some hot belt examples:

Like to tip toe into trends? Try this cute, red belt by Urban Outfitters - not too wide, but the red adds some attitude!

Feeling trendy but sophisticated? Check out this lovely, white, patent belt by Anthropologie

Like to multi-task? Combine two trends in one with this fun, red & white polka dot, wide belt by bebe

Looking for something simple that makes a statement? How about this sweet & simple, wide, white belt by Arden B?

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Click here to see a picture of my red, wide patent leather belt from bebe with a polka dot dress, along with a couple celebrities sporting the wide belt look

NOTE: All pictures from respective sites (in order): Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, bebe, Arden B


Miss China Paws said...

I think my human has some of those belts...
DO you know of any fashion sites for cats?

Shopaholic D said...

Hmm...I'll have to look into that one Miss China Paws...good question!

:) D

The Money Guru said...

Hi! UR site is sooooo cool! Check out mine?

Miss China Paws said...
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Shopaholic D said...

Thanks The Money Guru!

Thanks BG & Miss China Paws (though I think you're the same person)!

:) D

Anonymous said...

I love them all, especially the white patent belt from Anthropologie. Although thin, I'm short-waisted (longer legs, short torso), so I can't wear anything too wide (as much as I'd like to). And you're right about stores like Arden B. having great deals. I found such a perfect bell-sleeved top their in moss green, on clearance! The style is still current because they have the same one available in black and white for fall.

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Anonymous! That Anthropologie belt is soooo cute in person!

Loooove Arden B! I haven't been there in fooorever!

:) D