Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sponsor Chic: Time To Treat Yourself

The holidays are officially over (at least holiday shopping is...unless you give gifts for New Year's...hey, any occasion is a good occasion for gift-giving right?). So, now that you've finished all your shopping for other people, it's time for you to get a little selfish. Yea, you heard me...selfish! You deserve it after all that hard work! If you have some money left over from your Christmas shopping or After-Christmas-sale-shopping or have extra Christmas money you got in your stocking, or if maybe you saved up some money just so you could treat yourself (some of us get annual bonuses, no?), now is the time to find the perfect little something to tell yourself, "Thank you!"

Why not get some handmade, skin-nourishing whipped body butter from Winks & Co?

One yummy body butter can be yours for a mere $10 a jar.

I know it's December and all, and spring won't be here for a few months, but why not pick up a couple warm-weather scents to get in the spirit of welcoming the warmth of the summer sun? Try White Coral Nectarine, Guava Berry, or Citrus Jasmine to get your skin in the spirit of spring/summer!

Remember, if you can't pick just one scent you love, try a few by getting a "celebrate with us!" package so you get six fab scents for the price of five.

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Gail McCormack said...

Hi D
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll explain about our Paper Crowns you saw in the photo another time. Love all your beautiful products...thanks for visiting me
Gail xx
p.s. Merry Christmas

J said...

I was actually pretty disappointed in ordering from Winks. I ordered the gift pack where you received an extra one for free (so I could try one for myself). I placed my order right after Thanksgiving, and it didn't even come in time for me to give them for Christmas. I had to mail them out afterwards, spending more money. I even called the lady twice making sure they would be arriving on time. And they were extremely small for ten dollars a pot. I didn't observe the ounces listed on the site since they looked decently sized. But, I was so embarassed to give them as gifts, I had to give two each, causing me to scrounge up extra gifts. They do smell wonderful and delicious - but I'm almost through my pot of lotion in a week!

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Got myself a great leather purse.. I'm set for 2008 :)

LML said...

hope u had a great chrsitmas :D