Thursday, December 13, 2007

BCBGirls Does Sleek Chic

I am in a serious shopping rut. I think mainly because I do not have the money to shop, which is always depressing and irritating and just plain blah! You know what I mean? I've been trying to stay away from the mall b/c I know I'll buy too much stuff (this is Shopaholics Anonymous, right? lol), but seeing the BCBGirls collection online is making me want to hop in my car right now!

I'd post direct links to the outfits, but the silly programmers put the site in flash and there are no direct However, browsing the fun collection looks is pretty interesting and you may see something else you like, so I'll just put the main link here (click)

This look is just awesome overall. I love layering and I loooove scarves. I also like the interesting sleeves on that top. Only thing I don't like is the drawstring top of the pants...what's with that? The little buttons at the bottom are cool with me, though.

All-black and very Olsen-like, but I like it. Very powerful.

My skinny black pants - I've found you at last! Ooh...and those little gloves...adorable! I wonder if I could rock those in "the real world" without too many stares...although life is really too short to worry about stares, no?

Hey, high-waisted pants that look chic! Although, I wonder if I wouldn't love this look just as much with low-waisted pants?

Click here to view the collection for yourself



Lady N said...

I don't think I can pull off high waisted pants like these models. All cute outfits, though.

Kim said...

Hey Shopaholic D! Ya know what I've really been missing from your blog lately? Some more of the outfits that you put together! I love those because they help me think of different outfits to put together from my own closet! Bring those back...please. :)

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

First and last are my favorites! It's like New York City Over Acheiving Woman on The Go with No Time To Change For a Night Out.

Wow- Ther perfect look.


G.G. said...

Must have those jeans, must, must! I'm in the last yards of finishing my Xmas shopping. Will have to go with Glam Boy to the shops this weekend to get him some sweaters -- not something I look forward to. Too many people, too much whining (from him) :P

bitterbabe said...

I love all these looks! Especially the one with bell sleeves - very classy and chic!

LML said...

love the highwaited pants - i want another pair lol!

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Kim,

I was just thinking I need to do more of those again! Thanks for the's nice to hear someone misses them!

:) D

Elessar said...

My girlfriend and i went shopping at the Hollywood & Highland center last week and this is all she was looking at (style wise). We're new to the area so out NY style just doesn't fit in :P Glad i came across, the H&H has a lot to do.

Elle said...

I want to marry those leather gloves. Mmm.

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

That first outfit and those little gloves drive me mad!!!!