Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Attack of Hot Pink - Spring 2008

Love it or hate it, it appears that hot pink is headed our way in a big way for Spring 2008. I found these hot pink items while browsing the Neiman Marcus Resort Collection:

Dior Miss Dior Platform Pump

Manolo Blahnik Shiny Sequin Pump, Red & Fuchsia

Salvatore Ferragamo Yoko Napa Tote

Donna Karan Collection Twisted Cap-Sleeve Dress (this dress looks really sassy in black)

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bitterbabe said...

Darn D - looks like you are right! Oh no i dont look good in hot pink...

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

I love it as long as the whole outfit isn't bubble gum pink.

That annoys me more than anything.

The pink pumps would be great for jeans or a casual, flirty skirt.


Shopaholic D said...

lol, bitterbabe!

bubble gum pink makes me think of legally blond...and being a

:) D

Candid Cool said...

the Donna Karan dress is quite nice actually even in the pink

Shop Diary said...

i love hot pink but - ditto on what patent shoes said - not when worn head to toe.

Editor:: said...

Why Not? I am willing to add a little pink to my fashion life. And Magenta can actually be quite sophisticated if done right. I think I will try to score a pair of Magenta heels! Nice pink selections by the way!

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Miss Angel said...

I'm all about those Dior shoes - they are so hot!

The Girl said...

Soooo into Dior lately!

Shopaholic D said...

Candid Cool - I'm really loving that dress!

Yea, head to toe and I'm feeling teeny bopper. I guess it's ok if you're young enough?

Thanks Editor - I like certain shades of hot pink - some seem to look cheap, while some seem to look really luxe...I guess it's all in the material and design.

Yeppirs, Miss Angel - they're gorge!

I don't have anything from Dior except for that vintage suit, but if I had the money, I'd be all about adding those sassy pumps to my collection. Although, the sparkly ones are calling my name!

:) D

constant_drama said...

The 1st shoes. The Dior shoes.




Shopaholic D said...

lol constant drama!

:) D