Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring 2008 Nail Polish Trends

It seems opposites attract for Spring 2008...or at least, they'll be competing for the attention of your nails this season. That's right...everyone knows that navy and hot pink are going to be hot colors for Spring 2008, but did you know that they're going to be just as hot on your nails as in your outfits?

I'm sure you've all seen the buzz over the deep, dark navy Chanel polish in Blue Satin

But have you heard about Geisha Blaze by Nubar?

While almost anyone can wear navy in an outfit, hot pink can be a more difficult color to pull off. With Geisha Blaze (click for details), a hot pink colored nail polish, you can wear a neutral-toned outfit and let your nail polish be the fun pop of color in your look. To boot, Nubar is Formaldehyde, (DBP) Phthalate, & Toulene Free so you can enjoy a healthier nail polish that your nails will thank you for. Too shy to wear hot pink on your fingernails? Hot pink is one of my fave summer colors for toenail polish and would look great with your fresh tan!

Are you a pink-aholic? Get Nubar's latest set, Bouquet (click for details and to see colors), which features eight awesome polishes in various shades of pink:

If you had to pick one nail polish color, which one would you rock?

Which Nail Polish Color Do You Prefer?
Hot Pink
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NOTE: Images by chanel and nubar respectively


Fabulously Broke said...

I'm more of a natural nails kind of girl.. only because I CANNOT for the life of me, pull of nailpolish. I just look weird.. or think I look weird.

Shopaholic D said...

i usually prefer natural tones on my fingernails, but i like to do something a little more eye-catching on my toes. :) maybe try it for your next pedi?

:) D

Redhead said...

I picked up the chanel blue satin a few days ago and LOVE it.

mei ad store said...

I prefer natural color for my fingernails and dark colors on my toes :)

shopdiary said...

how weird. i just picked up both colors last month. didn't know hot pink would be in for spring as well as navy blue. like you, i like to wear eyecatching colors on my toenails.

Shopaholic D said...

awesome, redhead!

me, too, mei ad store

great minds think alike...haha...but seriously, i first heard about the chanel blue on your blog so thanks!

:) D

Katrina said...

I think that navy works better on all skin tones than certain shades of pink. Just my opinion

Anonymous said...

navy... really?? i remember it being really popular back in september... isn't it corals and stuff this year?

Melanie said...

This is hillarious to me because my toenails are always either pink or black, and I just recently decided to paint my fingernails navy! So right now, I'm blue on top and pink (China Glaze- Make an Entrance) on bottom;D