Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trend Alert: Cutout Wedges for Spring 2008

How cool are these cutout wedges popping up for various spring shoe collections? I saw them on eluxury tonight and figured there must be more on the web. A quick web search turned up the usual - only high-priced designer versions. Why can't mainstream America keep up with the designers? It seems whenever something new and unusual hits the runway or high-end stores, it takes everyone else months, if not years to catch up? I did find a couple more wedges with cut-outs less than $100, but as I thought they were super fugly, I'll spare you the details. Here are the good ones I found:

Kors by Michael Kors - Danger Patent Wedges - $230
Super cute and pretty simple overall - it would be easy to pull off a look with these shoes...easy on the eyes...and easier on the pocket than the next two.

Sigerson Morrison - Belle - $315
Love the light and airy feel of these shoes...I'd definitely rock these with a flowy white skirt come spring...I mean, I would if I could actually afford them right now.

Stella McCartney - Crocheted Wedge - $1,095
I haven't figured out why these are so expensive, but I'm guessing that they were crocheted by a high-end consultant who charges outrageous hourly rates for their expertise crochet skills and that the material used in the crocheted part is interlaced with 20K gold...that's all I've got. What? You have a better idea? lol

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WendyB said...

Good finds! I have a moderately priced pair by Nine West on my blog, check it out.

LML said...

oh yes! i saw some of those @ target today! i need to get some come summer! urgh - why must the stella mcccartney ones cost more than my car!?!?

Redhead said...

Very cute but I am afraid someone will try to trip me by putting a stick through them or something!

constant drama said...

The first pair from Michael Kors. I must have it.

Redhead said...

Marie said...

I believe I might have seen a very casual version of this heel in the window of Steve Madden Shoes. I actually like the cut-out design!

Amethyst said...

LOL @ Redhead's comment - I think just like you !!