Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Victoria's Secret: Pink Collection for Spring 2008

Am I the only one who can't seem to make it into a Victoria's Secret without first ogling over the super-cute Pink Collection items they always place near one of the entrances? I had a $10 off coupon card today and figured I'd go pick up another bottle of Dream Angels Heavenly, which is "my SO's fave perfume." I've actually been out of the stuff for about three years now, but I keep thinking...this is his favorite perfume...he'll get it for Valentine's. But, when Valentine's rolls around sans my yummy bottle of Heavenly perfume, I know it means he's saving it for my birthday. After b-day, I think, surely, Christmas...But after a couple Valentine's, a couple birthdays, and a couple Christmases, I decided to take matters into my own hands today with my coupon card.

Of course, as soon as I walked into the Victoria's Secret store I was greeted with the cutest displays of what looked to be the softest cottons in the brightest array of fun colors. One dress in particular caught my eye - a hot pink dress. It looked something like this but with straps (cute pockets and all)

Tube Dress

On top of the dress, they have a preppy green and white stripey hoodie, which I've decided is something I need to get for this spring. Not necessarily green and white stripey, but just hoodies, really. Can a girl have too many hoodies? Anywho, it looked like this, but in green and white (obviously):

Nautical & nice hoodie

A quick turn to the right and I see these adorable stripey shorts:

Nautical & nice shorts
I don't think I like these with the matching hoodie - that's a lot of stripes...too many for me! However, the shorts are too cute. Probably too small/short to wear in public, but I could probably rock them in the Bahamas on my honeymoon! Woohoo!

Anywho, it was a good thing I didn't really have time to look b/c they had so many other cute things like pajamas which I have too many of already and more dress-like coverups and sleepwear. So addictive!

Here are some other things I'm glad I didn't have time to try on b/c they may have ended up in my shopping bag on top of the other things I shouldn't have purchased...but did.

Babydoll tunie tee and hot pink bikini (halter top and bow-tie scoop bottom)

Boyfriend Sweats

Oh, and the $10 coupon card...pretty sure I forgot to use it...sheesh! lol...At least I remembered to get my Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly perfume!

Btw - I'm reviewing this post and sorry for the overdose of pink! I just can't help's so pretty and girly! Victoria's Secret does offer other colors...promise!

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Flair said...

I was actually reading an article today about VS. They are working on revamping their look to go back to their roots, be more sophisticated and ultrafeminine.
They feel their brand started to gear towards a younger audience due to the Pink brand.
BTW - I featured some of your earrings on a post I did last night.

FashionPad said...

I'm hooked on Vicki's pink collection as well and pink is not a color that I usually choose to pick. Oh well, my husband loves it!

Redhead said...

VS is definitely the BEST place for bathing suits. I ordered a couple online for my spring break trip to Mexico last year and they fit perfectly. You should check out their yoga pants instead of their sweatpants. They make your butt look great and are just as comfy as sweatpants.

Shopaholic D said...

flair - you are too sweet! thanks for featuring some of my jewelry designs!!
I can see what you read about Vic's trying to get back to their roots. When I think about Vic's from when I was a kid (shopping with my mom) it always seemed like the elegant place for ladies to get there are kids and teens shopping there!

they do seem to have more pink than the other colors, but at least your hubby likes it, fashionpad :)

i don't have any victoria secret bathing suits yet...hmm...maybe i'll have to try one out?


:) D

Anonymous said...

I agree their Pink brand leans more toward the teen group with the branding on the butt. Way too young. Swim suits are great however! I hope they do go back to what they are good at.




Lis said...

Every time I walk anywhere near a VC I always end up buying 5 pairs of supercute underwear. It's like some kind of magnetic field that drags me in there.

Kate said...

I love all of the Pink (and pink). You can never have too many hoodies!

Rachel said...

take a look at this interview with a PINK student!

Victorias Secret said...

There is no doubt that VS is one of the best brands in terms of comfort and style, however there is increasing competition from Wacoal coming its way

Mystique Boutique said...

I agree with the original commenter - Victoria's Secret has gotten a little girly. Although I like to look cute every-so-often, I'm getting older and older and would prefer something sexy and sophisticated at times. I'm glad that VS provides both.