Monday, December 01, 2008

Katie Holmes is Classy Chic in Black & White

I think I am getting more monotone in my outfit selections as I get older. I used to like to wear super-fun, uber-colorful clothes, but lean towards classic silhouettes in basic colors, nowadays. I can't help but love this classy-chic look Katie Holmes sported recently:

I wish I could get a better look at the dress because it looks to have some detailing near the top. Either way, I like how Katie plays up the simple black & white ensemble with some patterned pumps. I also love the double-skinny-strap belt she has cinching in the cardi. Very chic, Katie!

Photo/Info from SplashNews:
Caption: Katie Holmes leaves her New York home for the theater dressed in a stylish black and white outfit. Katie unexpectedly had a Marilyn Monroe moment when an upwind lifted her skirt revealing a black slip underneath.
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Credit: New York Life / Splash News


Milly said...

I love this look!

Brentwood Kitchen Shopper said...

In my opinion she is one of the most well dressed people in Hollywood. Whether she dresses it up or down, she is always well put together, classy and trendy at the same time.

Dressing stylish is a talent, and she definitely has it down.

Shopaholic D said...

me too, Milly!

Agreed, Brentwood Kitchen Shopper - it's so nice to see someone tastefully dressed for once.

:) D