Monday, December 08, 2008

Shopaholic Regresses

So, I've been super good about not shopping least, that was until I ventured out to the mall to get some stuff for hubby this past weekend. While I was out, I figured I'd take a quick peek at some stuff in my fave stores and would ya know it...a quick peek turned into a weekend-long shopping spree. Tonight, I'm having to go through my goods to decide what I absolutely can't live without and what can be returned. The problem is, that I don't actually want to return any of it. Out of everything I got, I only got two trendy items and the rest I feel are classic items I can wear to work or play.

So, fellow shopaholics, I have two questions for you...

#1 - How do you make yourself return something that you don't actually want to return? You only feel obligated to return it because you spent too much?

#2 - How do you keep make-up off of cream colored coats and collared-shirts, like this:

J Crew Class Peacoat with thinsulate - $149.99 (from $250)

I got this coat yesterday at J Crew, plus I got an extra 20% in the store! Woohoo! Only problem is...I noticed that the collars graze my jaw and cheeks every now and again and I'm wondering how on earth my make-up (Bare Escentuals) will stay off!

Any ideas?

:) D


Marie said...

Nice coat! A silk scarf will keep makeup off (it should anyway) if you wear that so it lays as a barrier between your jaw line and the collar of the coat.

I have done that too where I buy something and have guilt afterwards. What I do is analyze each piece and decide if its something I really need or if its a duplicate of something I have already. Worse comes to worse I just think of my credit card debt and that usually is enough to make my sulk back to the store and return it. Or, I try to justify it by *sugggesting* to hubby it can be an early birthday, Valentine or Xmas present! :-D

cashback said...

Great blog some really nice items on here thank you.

shopdiary said...

i got the same coat online a couple of weeks ago but in black. how about wearing a scarf to push back the collar? haha. i have no idea!

Marie said...

You're going to scold me for posting this but I just found out about this shoe club for women that love shoes. I don't see any events in NYC but perhaps they might be having one in your area. Check here for details and "about"

Shopaholic D said...

hey Marie, a scarf is a great idea! Oh, and thinking of my credit card debt def helped me bite the bullet and return a bunch of stuff last night! Not most, but more than I normally would have.

Thanks cashback

I probably just should have gotten it in black like you, shopdiary! lol

Of course I won't scold you...a shopping tip is always nice to receive. Thanks, Marie!

:) D

G.G. said...

Well, one trick is to look at all the stuff and pretend that it's a year from now. Then think to yourself "how many times have I worn it", "how has it held up", and "how in style is it a year later" -- You've already gotten the shopping high from having bought and possessed it, even for a minute. Time to look at the purchases in the cold light of day. But I know you already did all that and returned most of it, so good for you :) As for the cream coat, a scarf is pretty much your only bet, and even that won't help in the long run, I'm sorry to say. When buying cream or white coats, you have to do it in the knowledge that it will probably be for one season, two seasons tops, depending how much you wear it.

Deka said...

love that coat
love jcrew
have the same one
dont wear makeup so dont have that problem

Fabulously Broke said...

Silk scarf works, or maybe Scotch guard on the collar area?

Me, I just don't wear any makeup.

Fab coat btw...

kokostiletto said...

my first was a black betsey johnson handbag :)

kokostiletto said...

ooops i think i just left a comment on the wrong blog! haha :)

i hate returning things i love so what i do is i wait until the expiry date (ie the last day of the 14 wk period) and then if i still feel guilty for spending money then i'll return it and then i'll usually feel better.

sometimes during this wait - you can get price adjustments too :)

Lisa said...

What I do is try to figure out how many times I am going to use something and that is how I give it value.

So for all the items you purchased you can figure which ones you will use the most and return the ones you will use less.


jelly said...

Always interesting posts on this blog.

Politics of a Patriot said...

I just found your blog today and I love, love, love it! I recently bought a plum pea coat that I've been having terrible problems keeping make-up off the collar. It sounds like a scarf is the way to go. I had not thought of that!

Lilith said...

holy mackeral! that is one hot coat.

Daria said...

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