Thursday, December 18, 2008

Suri Cruise is Getting Big!

I can't believe how big Suri Cruise is getting...and how well-dressed she is all the time! I bet her closet's bigger than mine and I've been collecting clothes waaaaaay longer than she has!

Katie looks fab, as always, but isn't it cute how both Suri and Katie have matching shoes? Aww...

Photo/Info from SplashNews:
Caption: Katie Holmes celebrates her 30th Birthday with Suri Cruise by visiting a private school in the Upper East Side. Holmes also visited 37 ARTS on 37th Street.
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Credit: Doug Meszler / Splash News


Unique Chic said...

Wow! It seems like she was just a baby.

Shopaholic D said...

I know! That's what I was thinking!

:) D

The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

Yeah, it needs something. I'll have to work on it a little more before Christmas. Thanks for the tips! :)

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kokostiletto said...

i know - I want Suri's wardrobe!!!

i tagged you on my blog today check it out :)

Jen said...

So cute! Cute Katie definitely looks older than 30!

paula :: plays with mud said...

Funny, Suri and my son were born on the same day. She looks so sophisticated compared to my little rock star!!

Daniel said...

Suri looks fabulous, but Katie looks like she's been dragged through hell.

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