Sunday, September 10, 2006

Candids from Fashion Week (Spring 2007)

Fashion Week has begun! Since I seeing how people put outfits are some candids I found on Getty Images today...enjoy!

Carmen Electra - fab as always

Kristian Bell looking oh-so-ladylike

Nicky Hilton reminds me that I still need to get a pair of gray-toned skinny jeans!

Stacie J - Isn't this the Spice Girl? Whoever she is, she looks so sass!

More from Fashion Week later...

All images on this post by Getty Images


Bruno Amato said...

OK, I'm blog jumping today...just found your blog through Jessica's blog....You guy's sound pretty similar:) that you both love fashion....which I know very little about:)though I do think the french pedicure looks great on women...I just worked with Kristin Bell...well kinda, I taped a small role on her show....and seeing you like the movie Dodgeball, one of my closest friends Brandon Molale was one of the guy's on Ben Stiller's team...OK back to jumping around the blogosphere:)

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Bruno!

I LOVE Dodgeball! Great many funny lines. I watch that silly thing all the time! Tell your friend Brandon he did an awesome job!

Thanks for stopping by.

:) D

EnidP said...

I love grey...Im glad its back...ENIDP.

EnidP said...

Stacie J is from the apprentice. She actually lives in my