Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Win This Handmade, Indie-Designer Necklace!

Ok, so I didn't get a lot of entries to last month's contest...musta been too much...I is def hard to take pictures inside stores, b/c sometimes they get picky about that. So, this month, I'm going to return to July's contest rules for the September contest.

Just take a picture of your latest shopping spree and email me the photo - limit 3 entries per person (see full rules below). Should you be the lucky winner, you get this fabulous, handmade, indie-designer necklace created by Stones on String:
Get Lucky Necklace - features gemstones and Swarovski crystals click here or image for details

Here are the rules:
Theme: Shopping Trips! Perfect for us shopaholics, right? I want to see your latest shopping splurges!
Who: Anyone! This contest is open to anyone, so get your digital cams out and take some pictures of your shopping splurges!
1. Prize will be gorgeous necklace pictured above thanks to the super creative "Stones on String."
2. To enter, simply email me at diana at dcelestine dot com with a picture of your latest shopping trip - what you got - whether you got only one item or lots - I'm not picky about quantity. Send as many photos as you'd like.
3. Each photo received will count as one entry and each person gets 3 entries total.
4. Photo must be your original work, please don't send me copyrighted material.
5. Photos will be numbered as they are received, and a random number will be selected as the winning entry.
6. Photo must be received before the winner is selected (sometime the last week of September, so get your entries in quick!
7. If you don't want any of your information displayed (i.e. name, city/state, etc.) please tell me so in your email. Likewise, if you do wish for any of your information to be displayed, please provide any information you'd like me to show with your entry. If you have a blog (with appropriate content, i.e. no adult and no spam), let me know your URL and I'll add a link back to your blog.
8. I need to check on their "international shipping policy" - but no worries non-US can always donate your gift to a US friend or family member.

NOTE: Image from Stones on String web site


Denial Renae said...

question, how many items are supposed to be in the photo?

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Denial Renae,

As many items as you can squeeze in there! hehe. There's an example in the July Contest rules -

or you can see July's entries here -

Good luck w/ your entries!

:) D

EnidP said...

I love this necklace....Oh baby!!!I will send a picture soon.


Shopaholic D said...

Can't wait to see it EnidP!

:) D

shopdiary said...

oops! i found the link. for some reason i couldn't find it yesterday. duh!

i'll be sending you my pics via e-mail. i hope you're having a fab time in miami!