Thursday, September 07, 2006

Street Chic - Bubbly Fun

I've discovered a great little spot in Greenville, SC (random, I know). There is a new, hip restaurant called "Paris Cafe," which features a real, live, French pastry chef! I've been to France before, and I've been spoiled on what good pastries really are, so to find authentic French pastries so close to home is quite the rarity! The next closest one I know of is in Miami if that tells you anything. Oh, and be sure to try their coffee...I drink a lot of coffee, but they have some of the best I've EVER had! Anywho, I happened to notice that the manager of the cafe had the most adorable outfit on! So chic...I had to grab a picture to share with you fine readers:

Love the bubble skirt and bublle tank - I couldn't pull off 2 bubble pieces together, but it looked good on her - and the fun, blue leggings and ballet flats! I would go no necklace on this outfit or stick with something simple. I'd really like to see this outfit w/ some fresh earrings, like my "Elegant Eve" earrings handmade with vintage lucite (click for details).

Paris Cafe contact info:
116 North Main St.
Greenville, SC 29601


Jessica said...

omg! i just wandered to your blog from my fav blog The Sartorialist and read this post...I live in Greenville and I absolutely love Paris Cafe!!! and the french lady that owns it is ALWAYS super cute!
by the way, that is cool that you are a jewelry designer...i also have designed some jewelry and have a couple of my earrings at Intuition (right next to Paris Cafe)
well, glad i ran across your blog!

Jessica said...
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Shopaholic D said...

Hey Jessica!

So nice to meet another Southern Gal...hehe. That place is the best...I don't live in Greenville, but when I visit, that place is one of my "must stops". Congrats on getting your jewelry into Intuition...that's a cute cute boutique.

Sorry for not posting the comment earlier...I've been so super busy w/ the move, trying to get's crazy!

:) D

Jessica said...

downtown greenville is awesome! anyway, i thought it didn't post because after i submitted it--it sent me an e-mail and told me that your box was full...don't know why it did that.

Shopaholic D said...

how bizzaro!

divashop said...

Ooh, those earrings are gorgeous!
Just checked out your jewelry site,
DROOL, there's several items I like!

Shopaholic D said...

Awww...thanks Divashop! Let me know if you ever need anything custom designed!

:) D