Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Miami Style

My pictures are a little bit lacking because we spent most of our time "touristing" during weekdays when the locals were at work and during a season that is not prime for tourists. Also, after laying out on the beach and being drained by the sun, I was too lazy to ask anyone for their picture...so I just took most of these while we were on an outside patio sipping pina coladas...yummy!

I didn't really notice any huge correlations between the various outfits, but people definitely tried to keep their attire lightweight due to the hot, hot heat. Color is always in in Miami, so bring your bright clothes and fun patterns if you ever make your own trip!


Thebodytalk said...

I know..Miami is quite a place for vacation and side-walk fashion shows. It's all about Colors.

The BodyTalk

Shopaholic D said...

I love it b/c it's like "anything goes" and your spring clothes are always in style!

:) D