Thursday, January 25, 2007

Contest - What's In Your Closet

My regular shopaholic readers have probably noticed already that I didn't have a contest this month. That's b/c I couldn't get ahold of the featured designer for the month. Luckily, I happen to be a designer myself, so I'm going to give away one of my latest handmade creations. I just finished putting the final touches on this # and it's so hot off the work bench, I haven't even had the chance to add it to my web site - D Celestine Limited.


Silver freshwater pearls fall delicately within a hand-formed sterling silver loop on sterling silver chain. Necklace features a 2" extension chain. Elegance never looked so sweet.

The contest is simple. All of you have seen the posts, "What's In Your Bag?" with the popoularity of the "How Many Shoes Do You Have Post," what I'd like to know is "What's in Your Closet?" So, email me at ShopaholicD at gmail dot com your contest entries - up to 3 per person - of pictures of what's inside your closet.

Official Rules:
1. Picture must be an original taken by yourself
2. Entries must be received by Wednesday Jan 31st - this is when the winner will be selected
3. Include in your email any info you want to go w/ your entry - blog name, link, etc.

If your closet is messy and you're embarassed, just submit your entry still get the swag w/o the The winner will not be selected on how clean their closet is or how well stocked it is...they are actually selected at random.

Click here to see my shoe rack in my closet - I'll post the rest later


The Girls said...

are you looking for anything in particular that will help you choose a winner?

Shopaholic D said...

nope! the winner is randomly selected, so the more entries you send me, the better your chances are - you can send up to 3.

Thanks! Hope to see your entries!

:) D