Sunday, January 21, 2007

Trend Alert - Bright Shoes, Bright Bags - Spring 2007

Ok, so I've listed this post under "Trend Alert," but who can ever really guess that for sure. However, what I do know is that I've decided to adopt the bright shoe/bag look for my personal style - I've actually been feeling this style for quite some time. Any long time readers will remember most of the following bright accessories in some past posts, but I've been really feelin the whole "bright pop of color" look to an otherwise neutral and simple outfit. I'm kind of a "classic style girl with a twist" so while I love my classic neutrals, I like to add a "twist" of color here and there. To fulfill this latest addiction, I've been secretly collecting as many brightly colored shoes and purses I can find...that I love, that is. I'm kinda picky about my shoes and purses, so this is difficult and my collection isn't too huge, but I do love each and every piece:

My brightly colored bags:

Michael Kors spring green tote
Pink-ish/Salmon Dooney and Burke monogram purse
Blue Kenneth Cole tote
Turquoise Max Studio oversized bag
Turquoise Coach monogram purse
Claire V Turquoise & Gray purse

My brightly colored shoes:

(These are a little bit harder to find, but I'm working on it)
Blue Michael Kors Heels
Turquoise Kenneth Cole Reaction flats with metal embellishments

I'm definitely seeing a trend here as far as my own personal style...apparently, I'm obsessed with turquoise and blue...but I'll let you in on a lil secret...I'm really hunting right now for the perfect pair of yellow pumps and maybe some fun patterned pumps in a medley of bright colors...yummy!


shopdiary said...

yay! i'm feeling inspired with this post. after a season of blacks, i'm ready for color. and yes, i'm working on getting yellow in my wardrobe too.

Shopaholic D said...

heck yea, although did you see the preview for fall 2008? looks like another winter of black black least we get to work the colors for the next few months!

:) D

Foxy said...

Those shoes are so cute