Monday, January 01, 2007

Shopaholic Fashion Question

One of the contest entries, Shopaholic sweetie Christiana, asks "I love the blue paired with the orange trim, kinda fun - but what to wear with it?"

Here are her outfit basics:

As soon as I saw the cute round-toe pumps and adorable sweater, the first thing that popped into my mind was a flowy white skirt. For fab, classic-cut skirts, I like to shop Banana Republic. They offer high quality styles at a relatively affordable price. After browsing their web site, I found this:

White cotton skirt - a great investment for $68 - click here for details

What do you think fellow shopaholic readers? What would you pair with the cute sweater top and pumps? I think Christiana was looking for skirts, but leave a comment with what you would pair with this outfit.


ENID P. said...

A nice piar of jeans..


Shopaholic D said...

ah yes...jeans would look fab with this too!

:) D

sofi said...

skinny jeans and a black belt around her waist! =]

Shopaholic D said...

oh yea...that would be cute too!

:) D