Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fashion Friend - Couture in the City on New Years Resolution

Fashion friend, Couture in the City's Wendy O, writes:

The "Take Care of Me" New Years Resolution, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

Britney Spears has recently been quoted by People magazine as making it her New Year's resolution to "Take Care of Me." Britney, we couldn't agree with you more!

We'll let your personal trainer/nutritionist/guru/spiritual guide or whatever help you on the inside, but LeFashionista's want to help Britter's on the outside as well!

May we suggest that you (and the ex-Mrs. Federline) take care of yourself with some fashionable swag from LeFashionista!

Every girl making a comeback needs a fab bag, like this one from

Socoley Large Bubble Bag, $470.00

See more picks at Couture in the City (click here)


Anne said...

Just seen the post there...

Traci said...

Hello! I ran across your blog and read we are the same kind of people. Then I looked at your profile and we're both Virgos! I am beginning to be a shopaholic for desiner bags. I have more of a difficult time with desiner clothing. I'm picky! I'm going to read the rest of your blog. You've caught my interest!
All the best,
Traci in Alaska

Traci said...

I like your blog so far. I read we are similar in beliefs and read your profile...we're both Virgos! I'm becoming a designer bag shopaholic so will read more on your blog. I am picky about clothing so I don't buy as much designer pieces. I'm going to read more on your blog, so take care and Happy New Year from Traci in Alaska. (

Shopaholic D said...

Happy New Year to you too Traci!

:) D