Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sexy, Stunning Shoes

While shopping for my perfect pump, I ran across this stunning and oh-so-sexy pair by Giuseppe Zanotti - Jeweled Leather d'Orsay Pumps:

Image and item from saks.com

For a split second (or maybe more than a second) I wondered "Perhaps I don't need those work pumps. Hmm...I could get some pretty good use out of these shoes. I could wear them to...the mall...and...ummm...hanging out with my friends...and...oh yea, the grocery store..." Yea, needless to say I didn't get these babies...oh, if only I could wake up rich! These jeweled Zanotti pumps would so be in my shoe rack!

Any rich girls out there trying to fill their Spring 2007 metallic quota should snatch these pumps up asap! These shoes would fit the metallic trend with class!


shopdiary said...

yes, it's beautiful!

Shopaholic D said...

so beautiful and so darn expensive! le sigh...i have to stop by the mall tomorrow...maybe i'll them on for fun? maybe i can squeeze them into my april budget...yea...march is gone already...stupid shoe shopping...lol

:) D

Philipp said...

Gorgeous shoes! Very sexy!