Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More For Motorcycle Boots

Are you wondering what to buy for spring 2007? Well, you can check for the other "Spring 2007" labels, but really, buying black is always a good decision. And, since the "Channeling Jessica Alba" post seemed to be so popular, I'm happy to report that there's a great dress out there for anyone who likes this style. I just purchased a simple black dress from Gap for just under $50 - the jersey knit is super comfy and the simple design makes it a great staple for any girl's wardrobe OR a great layering piece for gals who like to pile the layers on.

With a simple gray wrap sweater to stay warm...or just to add layers

Just the dress - it's a simple LBD...what's not to like, right?

Since it's still "technically" winter, this look would probably be better with black tights underneath, but I was going shopping at the mall, and I didn't want to deal w/ taking tights off and on and off and get the point.

Ooh, I almost forgot to mention...this dress would be great for work! Just remember to wear a cami under...we don't want you getting promoted for the wrong reasons ;) This dress looks great with a blazer and chic pumps for a sophisticated look. I have an outfit in mind...I'll have to post that soon!

Dress - Gap - $49.50 (click for details)
Dress is also available in brown


Fabulously Broke in the City said...

I've always found that I can never have too many black or wrap dresses. I'm starting to build up my collection (3 wrap dresses and counting), so thanks for the recommendation to go check the Gap out! :)

Another great work dress is also the shirtdress. I own about 2 of these right now, and they are uber comfortable.. I just wish the chest area wouldn't gap so much on me on my H&M one, that I have to pin it shut :-\

Amethyst said...

Another great outfit - I love the way you paired it all! I can't wait to wear my new motorcycle boots too but we have snow and slush here and I don't want them to get ruined.

M said...

Cute outfit! I like your gray wrap sweater, is it sheer? Where did you get it?

Kerry said...

love this dress - I have the same style of dress with long sleeves and I do wear it a lot! It's a "go to" outfit for me.

Shopaholic D said...

Fab broke in the city, you're very welcome. i was eyeing a great shirtdress at Banana, but it sold out. :( they do look comfy though! if you wore a cami under yours, you wouldn't have to worry about pinning it, maybe?

Amethyst, why thank you! the man at the store told me they're water proof so technically, they should be ok...i get paranoid about that stuff too though, so I see where you're coming from...hehe.

M, thanks hun! i got it from a local boutique called "Belle Ville". I don't think they sell online, plus it was on sale and I got the 2nd to last one a few weeks ago. :(

Kerry...i bet this style looks great w/ long sleeves too! always great to have a go-to outfit, eh?

:) D

Amethyst said...

Hi D:

Did you see the purse that goes with the boots we both have? I'm loving it, but alas, it's not in my budget at this time.

- Amethyst

Shopaholic D said...

ooh...great find, Amethyst! Hot purse! yea, i blew my budget on my "Perfect Pumps"...oh well...