Sunday, October 14, 2007

Casual B-Day Dinner

One of my good friends (and his girlfriend) from college wanted to take me and my SO out for my b-day. This was the first we could all get together (my b-day was a few weeks ago), but I was still happy to be able to celebrate with them. My friends are pretty low-key and not all about getting all fru-fru for dinner, so I wanted to wear something simple, on the casual side, but still a tad dressy. Here's my dinner look:


Soi said...

so adorable!
i luv how you can wear jeans that fit...very hard to get them if you're only 4'11" lol

i luv ur shirt :-D

Iris Desiree said...

super cute outfit! where'd you get the top? :)

Iris Desiree said...

love your blog! i'm from the philippines, too just like your mom. :) super cute outfit! where'd you get your top? :)

Shopaholic D said...

Soi - you're tiny! that's how tall my mom is, so i know. as for the jeans, stacey and clinton would say you should have your jeans tailored. A lot of places will do it if you buy jeans from their store.

Thanks Iris - It's BCBGirls - readily available in many boutiques and department stores. That's awesome you're from the Philippines, too!

:) D