Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fashion Friend Finale - Week 10/14/07

Mahalo Fashion brings us more celebrity looks, including a funky SJP look from Sex and the City (wish I could pull something funky off like this), the Olsen twins and their studded Christian Louboutin boots, and the uber-elegant America Ferrera

ShopDiary has the scoop on a new trend with shoulder pads - vote on her poll to voice your opinion

Couture in the City shares about the SAK sponsoring Breast Cancer

The Glam Guide shows us some awesome picks for a Fall 2007 Trend: Sweater Dresses

NOTE: Photo source not known - if you are the owner and object to the use of either of these photos, please email me at shopaholicd at gmail dot com


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Lady N said...

I saw that SJP picture, I love that outfit she has on, esp the thigh-highs.

Shopaholic D said...

Me too, Lady N - the thigh-highs are my fave part

:) D