Sunday, March 02, 2008

New Name in Accessories: Ziordia

As much as I'm a fan of the big-name designers like Chanel, Dolce, Chloe, and Gucci, every once in awhile I want something a little less likely to be seen on every other arm at the mall. Luckily, new designers are emerging every day, bringing fresh looks to your attention. I'd like you to meet Ziordia - a fresh face in the world of designer accessories featuring yummy handbags and totes and clutches. Here's a little more info direct from the source:

Ziordia is a new line that was recently launched in Fall of '07 by Romar International, a 40 year-old award-winning design and development fashion firm headquartered in New York that has been recognized as a leader in design and innovation in both the apparel and accessory markets. Named after a small rustic town in the countryside of central Spain, Ziordia's Creative Director, Arlene Hildreth, chose the namesake for inspiration in design, paying tribute to her Spanish ancestry. Ziordia was created for the modern youthful and spirited women who buy for both fashion and function. The Ziordia woman loves to wear classic sexy styles and accessorize with eye catching trend pieces. She is up on pop culture, reads celebrity style magazines and the best fashion blogs. She works hard and appreciates a well designed handbag that is convenient and rich in style.

After years of listening to what customers and buyers look for in a bestselling bag, Arlene Hildreth wanted to make sure Ziordia offered a luxury bag that was unique fashion forward as well as very functional and made sense for modern busy women to carry. The inside of the bags are just as unique as the overall silhouette. In a saturated accessory market, when asked what makes the line stand apart, Arlene Hildreth said, "I spent a lot of time concentrating on offering the customer value as well as style. I have included in all bags a logo mirror, removable key fob, cell phone/PDA pockets as well as zippered front and back pockets for added security and convenience."



Barcelona Amoretta (not yet available online)

Barcelona Amoretta (not yet available online)


*Here's my personal favorite*


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Click here to start shopping! If you're lucky enough to get one, let me know. I'd be getting myself a little Brielle action if I weren't saving for my wedding! lol. Happy shopping!

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Redhead said...

I love the Barcelona Amoretta in yellow! It's great for that splash of color!

Fabulously Broke said...

That first white bag is to die for and I love the Brielle.. so cute and girly!!!

Anonymous said...

These bags are so cute for spring! If you want to find otyher stylish bags, check out!

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There are women that live and breathe handbags. It used to be that a woman only had two handbags in her closet: one for every day use, and a small, compact clutch for when she went out. Thankfully those days have ended and women have no shame in having dozens of different purses available to grab to suit their needs. Fashion designers understand that us women need our purses like men need football, and have done everything they can to provide us with a huge variety to choose from.

Miss Angel said...

I'm all about the Brielle!

Shopaholic D said...

yea, that yellow is sooo pretty, redhead!

yes, Brielle is very girly...prolly why I like her so much!

lol, Miss Angel

:) D

Anonymous said...

I also love the Barcelona Amoretta in yellow! I definitely would adore carrying this bag around all the time.

My friend had one of these bags, the Theda, in black and I literally told her I would live in it I was so enamored! Love them!

NoushaSF said...

Good Lord,
I love those purses.. They drive me crazy.. I want them all!!!

Kate said...

Ooh I love the Jorie one!

Nilz said...

Wonderful showcase.

NoushaSF said...

My favorite is Barcelona Amoretta ..

Anonymous said...

I love the yellow bag! I found some other great bags, especially this one at

They have tons more to choose from to help you stay trendy and original!

Kincaidesigns Handmade Jewelry said...

The Barcelona Amoretta is my favorite. I love colorful bags. I finally bought my green bag for the summer, I love it. I'm on the prowl for yellow one now. I love accessories!

Anonymous said...

These bags can be purchased at TJ Maxx Stores

Anonymous said...

I just purchased Ruelle in a Pearl color.....OMG! I LOVEIT!