Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What Did I Buy at Neimans' Sale?

Well, among other things I purchased at Neiman's Last Call sale, I'm sure some of you are wondering which of the four dresses I bought. Lots of you guessed correctly - the black and white (actually off-white) Diane VonFurstenberg is what I bought!

I've always wanted a DVF wrap dress of my very own...what better way to get one than at more than half off? It was just so classy yet sexy at the same time - at right around $120, I simply couldn't resist. What do you think? Good purchase?

You don't even want to know the other stuff I bought...lol. But, I'll probably show you guys in some outfits later. Heehee!

Btw, for any last minute shoppers, tomorrow is the last day of the sale, so get yourself to the mall ASAP for the last deals till, I believe, January.


G.G. said...

Wow, $120? Great deal! And it looked fab on you :) Enjoy it.

Samantha said...

Way to snag a deal! I bought a blouse for $25 that I thought was a pretty good deal...love the dress! :)

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks GG!

Samantha - $25 is a good deal for a blouse...did you post it on your blog?

:) D

Rachel said...

I so want that DVF dress.

Miss A said...

Awesome deal!!!
I love the dress- plus you'll wear it forever!

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Miss A!

:) D

shoeblog said...

Great choice! Very classy and unique cut - plus it looks so beautiful on you.