Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where to Shop for Designer Jewelry?

An anonymous shopaholic sweetie asks:

"do you have any top picks for sites that cover designer jewelry? I have tried Neimans, Bluenile, and Vialuxe. any recommendations would be appreciated."

Check out le-fashionista.com for some great handmade and indie jewelry designs (including some of mine)

I'd also try the following sites - they have a nice selection:
Max & Chloe (link goes to Fine Jewelry, but they also have Fashion Jewelry)

Julie Sandlau Plant Leaf Necklace - (Image/item from net-a-porter.com - click)

I would also try The Jewelry Weblog for a nice selection of jewelry of all styles from various web sites.


Anjali Saini said...

jewelry has become more intricate and elaborate with time.

Jewellery Trends

G.G. said...

I'd also add that you can get some great things on eBay for a fraction of the cost. But take care to bid only with people with lots of feedback and near-perfect scores.