Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Casual Chic - Work to Play

My camera is fixed! Yay!!!!! Ok, back to outfit posting...

I wore an outfit very similar to
this to work yesterday, but was so ready to get out of it by the time I got home. I had to run to Best Buy (to get my camera) and then I took my SO out to one of those Hibachi restaurants, which we both love love love. I decided to keep the top and belt, but lose the skirt and swap it out for some skinny jeans:

By the way, not sure about your town, but there was no official "line area" by the Geek Squad counter at the Best Buy, so be sure you stand your ground and don't let people cut you off. I got cut off by someone b/c I was sitting down while waiting and they just waltzed up to the counter and plopped their broken computer down on the counter. I think BB/GS should get a ticket distributer like they have at some meat counters or bakeries, but that's just me.

Button-down top: Banana Republic
Belt: Nordstrom
Jeans: Guess
Shoes: Enzo Angioni
Quilted Purse: Chanel


Candid Cool said...

Fab bag!

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Candid Cool!

:) D

Girlfriend said...

OMG--that is the handbag I am dying to own! Where did you get it? Details girlfriend! ;)

ENID P. said...

i like those skinny jeans..


Shopaholic D said...

Hey Girlfriend - I got it at Neiman Marcus.

Thanks Enid P!

:) D