Monday, August 11, 2008

Must Shop: Floral Dresses

I really, really, really want a floral dress. One of those dresses I can rock out now and pair with tights and sweaters to transition to cooler weather. Perhaps if the teeth-thing works out and I gift myself $100 to play with, I'll get one? Here are some of my faves:

Kimchi Blue Botanical Dress - $68

Kimchi Blue Redwood Dress - $58

Aubrieta Dress - $158

What are you looking forward to getting for fall?

NOTE: Images by and, respectively


LML said...

as the runway shows have proved: florals are still "in" for fall :)

WendyB said...

I like that first one. I think all I wanted for the fall was the lace Prada bag, and I have it!

fashionfrenzy said...

love the first dress you posted. yes, florals are definitely in for fall. Also want a floral/ruffley top (if you get me, lol).

I'm looking forward to getting into some warm trench coats. Can't wait to hit up banana republic.

keep posting, and visit my site soon as well. thanks for the comment btw, check back later i'll be posting more this week.

Claudia said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. :)

I really need, want and love high waisted jeans that arn't skinny. And a beautiful trenchcoat. And plaid things, and more tights! I loveeeeee floral dresses, but I already got like a lot of them.

SarahLovesFashion said...

I'm looking forwards to buying some boots for fall! Those dresses would look great with a big baggy cardi!

Marie said...

I really wish I could go crazy on a shopping spree for fall but I am paying off some hard core credit card bills. If I find a few bucks to spare, I'd love to pick up something --- anything --- from the new J. Crew catalog!

Shopaholic D said...

i haven't even looked at runway shots for fall yet...sad, no? lol

lucky girl, Wendy!

FashionFrenzy, I've been wanting a good trench coat for awhile, too...prolly won't get one yet since I'm trying to pay off my debt first, but I think there may be some money for a nice floral dress

Claudia - you are brave to go for the high-waisted pants. I actually like them, too, when they're done right - can't wait to see how you style yours once you get them!

Boots are always good for fall, no Sarah? Always a good excuse to buy more..haha

Hey Marie - you and I are in the same boat. Oh, and I love the new J Crew catalog, too! Which reminds me, I wanted to post about some cute shoes I saw in the catalog!

:) D

Sarah said...

They have loads of cute floral dresses at topshop, kate moss's collection has this gorgeous poppy print one, also has cute ones.

Shopaholic D said...

thanks for the tips, Sarah - i'll have to go check those out!

:) D