Thursday, August 07, 2008

Must Shop: Kors Michael Kors Crocodile-Embossed Patent Pump

I would love this pair of pumps for work:

Kors Michael Kors - Crocodile-Embossed Patent Pump - $295

They are so fun, yet so classy! I love that heel shape, too!

NOTE: Image


fashionfrenzy said...

aaah, love them too!

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Claudia said...

They are so Micheal Kors, I mean, not really, but to me they are.

Anonymous said...

Love it too! I am looking for red pumps. these are perfect!

Anonymous said...

OH It's on backorder until October.... :( I gotta find it somewhere else!

kokostiletto said...

those are definetely cute ! i love that red too - it's so loud - yet classic enough for work..

strikeapose said...

Oh my..those are so lovely

Shopaholic D said...

thanks fashionfrenzy!

lol claudia - i can see that

glad you like them, anonymous - try shopbop? try googling them, too

agreed, koko!

thanks strikeapose!

:) D

pretty in pink said...

I have seen a lot of shoes with that pattern for the fall. Most have a chunky heel. I wanted the pattern, but a sleeker, higher heel and found a pair bu Arturo Chiang that fit the bill. They cost $100. Note: I normally wear a size 8 shoe and had to buy a size 7!