Sunday, August 17, 2008

Must Shop: Target's Jrs Xhila Cap Slv Open Cardigan

I saw this adorable cardigan online and knew I wanted to try to find it in store today. I also wanted to swing by Target to see if I could pick up any more work-friendly clothes and some layering, white tees. I, of course, found too much stuff I liked and had a hard time putting things back. I always have a hard time putting items back from a potential purchase collection (that stack of clothes heavily draped over your arm as you walk around a store) whenever they look good on, have a good price, and are versatile items that I think will get lots of use. Something's gotta give, though, so I managed to put a few items back.

I did end up finding this cardigan:

Jrs Xhila Cap Slv Open Cardigan - $17.99

It must have been a popular item - the rack with this item was nearly empty and only had a handful of XL and XXL. I normally wear a S-M, but figured I'd try one on anyways, seeing as how layers seem to be so loose this fall. The L and XL actually fit pretty well - nice and loose - a great compliment to a tank, tee, or even dress. I love layers! I ended up picking this cardi up in brown and black. I think they'll work nicely from casual to dressy and even to work!

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strikeapose said...

Great price--its cute!!

Breeza said...

That is so cute! I've seen a lot of styles like that at stores like Urban and the Gap, but I don't want to pay $50 for one. I'll have to check out Target!

Sean said...
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Lindsay said...

I adore that cardigan! Thanks for the tip..I'll definitely be making a trip to Target soon!

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Strikeapose!

Hey Breeza, yea the px tag is much nicer...I'm sure the quality is better at Gap and Urban, though, but it does seem like a kinda trendy item.

Hi Sean, I don't think I have a shopping addiction, but perhaps one of my blog readers will contact you? :)

Thanks Lindsay! Happy shopping!

:) D

strikeapose said...

Thank you so much for the work outfit ideas!!

Shopaholic D said...

You're welcome strikeapose! Have fun w/ your new job and congrats again!

:) D

kokostiletto said...

what that is quite the steal!

fashionista said...

I love this style cardigans. I just got back from Argentina and the style like this is very much in:) i own a couple of such sweaters and they go with absolutely everything; jeans with white tank top, dressy pants with white shirt... and i love the price!