Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Must Shop: Old Navy's Self-Proclaimed Flirty Top

I love the look of this breezy top - it is perfect for enjoying the last weeks of warm weather. I don't think the below picture does the top justice - it looks much better on the model they feature on the Women's Homepage, but here goes:

Women's Ruffle Chiffon Tanks - $26.50

This top would be great for anything from hanging out w/ girlfriends to going on a sweet date. I also like the other available color for this top - pink!

NOTE: Image


Kate said...

Too cute and I love the color!

strikeapose said...

It would be adorable in pink!

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Kate!

I agree, strikeapose!

:) D

wholesaler said...

get a mini skirt to match it, will be perfect for summer

Sarah said...

I love that yellow top - yellow is so my colour this autumn! They have something similar in the Kookai sale on right now but not sure if I like that brand really...Feel free to use me if you want to have a peak though. Sarah

Manoj said...

Thats Great and the color is really very true.