Thursday, October 12, 2006

Quiz - What's Your Red Carpet Style

I'm not sure why the quizzes keep displaying funny, but here's my result:

Classic Siren

Your style is so glamorous and seductive that you could step into any era and rule the red-carpet runway. Whether you’re harking back to Hollywood’s golden age or slinking onto the scene in modern glam-slam style, you always turn heads. Ever ready for your close-up, you can quiet a crowded room with your entrances. Not to mention those sumptuous fabrics and cuts make you feel so darned sexy.

Take the quiz and post your style in the comments! Click here to take the quiz!


shopdiary said...

Mine is Understated Glamour. And here I thought I was trendy.

Years from now, when you peer at old photos you won’t wonder what you were thinking. When you step out, you’re always graceful and elegant. Your understated style never shouts, but it does speak volumes about your impeccable taste, poise, and confidence. The key is simple, streamlined sophistication—and it works. From your regal composure to your carefully thought-out clothing choices, you always look subtly smashing.

Shopaholic D said...

maybe classically-trendy, dah-ling!

:) D

Anonymous said...

Classic Siren!

Shopaholic D said...

it appears the classic sirens would rule our red carpet!

;) D