Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Casual Chic - a la Cameron Diaz

Ok, so some of you saw my post yesterday on Cameron Diaz and her bright shoe fetish. I decided to play off her look with my outfit today, so here's "Casual Chic - a la Cameron Diaz"

Simple gray/white tops paired with bright turquoise flats

Star tank - Forever 21
Gray sparkle Henley - Gap
Skinny Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Kenneth Cole Reaction
Earrings - D Celestine Limited - click here for more info on the earrings


Dinah said...

I love the color of your shoes. I am looking for a pair in the same color but so far it has been a bust...

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Dinah! Yes, a pretty colored pair of shoes is surprisingly hard to find...probably why most of my shoes are in the neutral hues. I got these at the local Kenneth Cole store...I checked the web site, but didn't see any there, but maybe you could call their customer service line to see if they could locate some in a store? I believe the shoes are called "On Bard" in teal and they're technically by Kenneth Cole Reaction. Good luck!

:) D

ENID P. said...

I love colorful shoes now.. You look awesome. I'm staring to buy different colored shoes cuz I am just bored of black and brown...


Shopaholic D said...

exactly! same here...i was taking a picture of my closet one day when I realized that my shoe rack was super dull, but it's tough to find a good pair of colorful shoes!

:) D

Shopaholic D said...

Dinah, I found these: on Nine West's web site tonight...they don't look quite as bright, but they're on sale and pretty darn close!

:) D