Thursday, December 28, 2006

What Do You Want to See on SA?

I'm always trying to post interesting, informational, and fun posts that I think you guys will really like. But, since I'm no mind-reader, I thought I'd create a little post to let you give me some feedback (anonymously or not) about what you'd like to see here on Shopaholics Anonymous. So, please take a moment to vote for what you'd like to see here on SA and I promise to do my best to post more about the subjects you guys want to see more of.

Be sure to check as many options as you like (you aren't limited to one)

What Posts Would You Like to See?
More Street Chic Shots
More of My Outfit Pictures
More Online Finds
More Quizzes
More Pictures of My Purchases
More Trend Alerts
More How-To Wear Trend Posts
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In case you're not familiar with the blog, here are some examples of the options in the poll:
1 -
More Street Chic Shots
2 -
More of My Outfit Shots
3 -
More Online Finds
4 -
More Quizzes
5 -
More Pictures of my Purchases
6 -
More Trend Alerts
7 -
More How-To Wear Trends Posts

Happy Voting and thanks for reading Shopaholics Anonymous :) My readers are the bestest!


jungle dream pagoda said...

How fun I may have to borrow that little blog quiz!

Shopaholic D said...

go for it! you can create your own free polls on - just click the link at the bottom of the poll to get to the site. you can create up to 15 at one's pretty cool! let me know when you get your quiz up

:) D