Thursday, December 07, 2006

Claire V Sample Sale - Sass Purses!

I work in an office above some retail stores, in one of those outdoor shopping areas...I know what you're's completely dangerous for a shopaholic like me, but I deal with it ok.

So anywho, I'm on my way out to get my morning Starbucks, when I see a sign that reads, "Sample Sale." Sample sale? Here? Let's just say that I have lamented many a time over the lack (read non-existence) of sample sales in my area, so when I saw the sign, I knew I had to head over.

Claire V, designer of fabulous and affordable purses has rented a temporary space out in the shopping center to hold a one week sample sale. Purses are marked down up to 70% off so they can get rid of some of their older styles and color combos. Needless to say, I felt completely obliged to help them out with this endeavor. Here's how:

All for under $100 bucks...not too shabby, eh?

I checked the site earlier, but it wasn't working. However, in the event it gets fixed later tonight, here's the link:

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