Monday, December 04, 2006

H&M - Gift of the Day - VIP Discounts at the Click of a Mouse

During the month of December, H&M is having a special holiday campaign called, "Gift of the Day." For "Gift of the Day," H&M is releasing one new item per day with...get this...a special, super-discounted price. Subscribe to their "Gift of the Day" email newsletter to be the first to find out the daily gift and discount. Click here to find out more and to subscribe. The gift of the day items range from children's clothing to men's to, of course, women's in a variety of styles, including their latest and hottest designs!

I've got the satin-y ski jacket! Check it out!

I love how silky-soft and shiny the exterior is and the furry hoodie is not only's detachable, making it super-funtional too! It's a wee bit on the tight side, but I'm thinking this is on purpose. This isn't a ski lodge ski jacket, this is a shopaholic's shopping spree ski jacket. Wear it over a simple tee or tank a la Jennifer Anniston to balance out the fun and funky jacket...or wear a top embellished with rhinestones to bring the bling out of your outfit.

Remember to subscribe today to be a "Gift of the Day" VIP by visiting


shopdiary said...

ooh you got one! did you see the velour tracksuits? what do you think of them? i have to get myself over to h&m soon. i'm hoping it gets better the close it gets to the 24th!

Coutorture said...

Isn't it nice of H&M to send bloggers free products for review?


Shopaholic D said...

Those velour track suits are sooo cute! I think you can see all the upcoming Gift of the Day items at - if you hover to the right of the current gift of the day box, an arrow pops up letting you see upcoming gifts. :)

H&M is so fab!

:) D