Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How to Spend Your Book Store Gift Certificate

So, your friends and/or family and/or co-worker (you get the point) thought...what's a great AND safe gift to give someone? How bout a gift certificate to a book store? And that's how you wind up with that book store gift certificate instead of that fab new designer purse you've been oggling...though, really...who actually buys designer purses for X-mas?

Now comes the question for you blow your free pass to Barnes & Noble on celeb gossip mags? Maybe one of those hairstyle magazines so you can try out a new do for '07? Have you thought of investing in something that could bring you enjoyment for years to come?

If you're trying to figure out how to spend your book store gift certificate, how bout trying out Mixtionary for size. This coffee table book is a sure-fire conversation starter for years to come...not to mention you could learn some hip new slang words. Mixtionary is the self-professed book with "mixed-up modern words for the mixed-up modern world."

Mixtionary takes common words like "antiques" and "compliment" and "drama" and combines them to create modern slang words. For example, perhaps you have your very own "shoeru" in your clique. According to the book, a "shoeru" is a combination of the words "guru" and "shoe" for a meaning of "A deeply knowledgeable style queen to whom you can turn for guidance in the matters of footwear." Everyone has a girlfriend like this in their clique!

Not all the mixed-up-words have to do with shopping...they come in a number of subjects and styles. One of my faves is a combination of "blah" and "beautiful" for a new word "blahtiful," which means "A beautiful person who is vapid. A tragic discovery after encountering a demi-god of a man whose only appeal is his perfect face and physique." Now, haven't we all had a close encounter with one of these?

Get this book in time for your next friend get-together, and you'll have hours of guaranteed amusement as you all giggle over the hilarious and witty word combinations.

For details on how to purchase the book, either check out your local book store or
click here for a list of online resources

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