Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ladylike Chic

I work in one of the more formal high-rises in uptown, so I see lots and lots of suits. One thing that I've been getting into lately, that I didn't think I would, is the pencil skirt. Ok, so it probably helps that pencil skirts are all the rage, so in a way, it's kinda cool to have a good reason to wear pencil skirts to work. I love a feminine blouse tucked into a nice pencil skirt...especially paired with a waist-level belt to make the look a tad more modern and this belt is patent!:

You can't tell from the photo, but the blouse is actually off-white with mini-black polka dots...so cute!

Pencil skirt - Banana Republic
Black/Off-White Polka Dot Blouse - Banana Republic
Belt - Nordstrom (don't remember the brand)
Shoes - Michael Kors


Jen - Shop Happy said...

I love this outfit. Very polished. <3

shoegal said...

You look great! I love looking at other people's outfit pictures so keep posting them!

Fashion Therapist said...

Love the outfit..esp the shoes.

Candid Cool said...

vey chic

Jessorz said...

Verrry cute. I think I may need to hit up a Banana Republic whenever the day comes for me to find some chic work clothes.

Catlin said...

Hey D.C. I really like your site, I check it almost everyday! I'd like to send you an email with a few fashionrelated questions. Is there an emailoption somewhere? Thanks!

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Jen!

Me too, ShoeGal...will do!

Thanks Fashion Therapist...all part of the "Hunt for the Perfect Pump" from a while back

Thanks Candid Cook

Yes, Jessorz...I love BR for work chic

Hey Catlin - email me any time...I love questions! email at shopaholicd at gmail dot com

:) D

bitterbabe said...

D you look suuuuper hot!

Shopaholic D said...

Why, thanks, bitterbabe!

:) D

dianabobar said...

I almost changed my job for "office" work and the moment I found out about that new job I instantly thought about "office" fashion and about you looks here, which, first when I saw them, thought they would not fit me. But you never know...
...when you need a great pencil skirt, right?