Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Best Lip Glosses for Spring/Summer 2008

I am a lip gloss fanatic in addition to being a shopaholic. At least twice a year, I get a new lip gloss and I try my best to use it up by the end of the season (and not buy other colors). Lip glosses only stay good for so long, you know. Anywho, with all the pretty shades out there, it's been tougher and tougher to stick to just one. I went to Sephora today so a friend could pick up some samples and thank goodness I didn't have time to look around b/c I surely would have left with at least one lip gloss and probably some strange new make-up product I've never heard of before but sounds strangely fascinating.

Here are my pick for the best lip glosses for Spring 2008 and/or Summer 2008:

Bobbi Brown Nude Glitter Lip Gloss
I've been a big fan of Bobbi Brown lip gloss for about 7 years now. The gloss can be a bit thick at times, but is usually pretty moisturizing, stays on well, and comes in nice natural shades. My only complaint is that the colors are sometimes too natural looking (I guess that's her style), so if you're looking for a nice every day color, go here, but if you're looking for something more bright and fun, then I'd try elsewhere.

Korres Natural Products Love Your Lips Gift Set
I've never heard of this brand before, but saw it online at Sephora.com and thought it sounded like something I'd like to check out in person. The cherry-inspired colors caught my attention, and I like how the lip gloss contains shea butter - a great moisturizer.

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss
This is the gloss I almost bought today in the color to the right of the lip gloss images - it's called "Beauty" and it's a matte, light pink color - very pretty for spring! I tried it on in the store and it looks really pretty, but I'd like to shop around some of the other lip glosses before I decide on this one for my Spring color.

Rosie Jane Lip Dew
This lip gloss is not only a pretty, sheer tone, but it is super yummy! The flavors are so tasty and the glosses go on so nicely. This gloss adds a hint of color and some shine to your favorite lip stick. The Rosie Jane Lip Dew would also be a great every-day lip gloss for when you want to look more natural while adding some yummy shine.

What's your favorite lip gloss? How many lip glosses do you buy in a year?

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Marie said...

I have a love-hate relationship with lip glosses. I love them for the color, shine & taste but I hate them because they ALL stick to my hair unless I wear my hair pulled back (which is rare). Anyway, my favorites are: Chanel, Dior, Nars and Stila. (in that order) Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush are the best tasting though.

Lisa said...

I can't believe that Chanel's infamous lip gloss wasn't on the list. It's my absolute fave!

natali said...

Korres products are great! I havent try the lip gloss out myself, but i love love their body moisturizers. As an added bonus, according to the folks at EWG, they have low hazard scores.

Anonymous said...

I too heart lip glosses. I personally love chanel lipglosses. While they are expensive the colors are always spot on and so easy to layer. For easy every day where I love the lip tints from Kiehls. They are aways so natural.
My least favorite is laura mercier. While I love all other products by laura mercier, I have always been unhappy with their lipglosses. They don't stay on and in my opinion do not have enough pigment. However, in April Laura Mercier is releasing a new lipgloss formula with spf, which I am tempted to try.
I probably buy 6 lipglosses a year, however I make sure to always have on hand my personal favorite.

Shopaholic D said...

wow - you guys really like Chanel! i've actually tried it before and thought it was ok, but nothing spectacular. i think i was just irked b/c the gloss leaked out a bit and got on my purse. perhaps i should give them another try, though, right?

Marie - have you tried those non-stick glosses? i don't really like them personally as I find them to not be moisturizing enough.

Lisa - sounds like I will have to try it again

Natali - thanks for the comment on Korres - I've never even heard of them before!

Anonymous 9:58PM - I like how Laura Mercier is planning to add SPF - that will be great to protect your lips! maybe I should check it out when it hits the stores?

:) D

pink'n'green said...

My favorite is mac plushglass or pout caramell.But i tend to stick to these and dont really try many others i like the look of the bobbie brown colours and might try them in the future. thanks for this post.
Prep in the country

Philosophing-Fashionista said...

I don't have a *lot* of lipglosses but recently became addicted to Loreal Color Juice. I have it in Tutti-Fruiti and am getting it in Grape Fruit (or something like that..).
But now I so want some of the ones you posted! :D