Monday, August 21, 2006

My Outfit Today - Hot Mod

I usually try to start my work week out on the dressier side and work my way towards a more casual look. For whatever reason, it always seems to me that black can make any outfit more dressy - even items that may not seem all that dressy individually.

Black and White Mod Look

I got the long shorts a couple weeks ago because I thought they'd be a great alternative to jeans for a "going out" outfit and wouldn't be too revealing so I could wear a more sexy top. The white tank is a great staple piece, the ballet flats are uber comfy and cute, and the black top layer is just that - a great layering piece!

White Tank - Gap
Black Top Layer - Ann Taylor Loft
Long Shorts - bebe
Ballet Flats - Nine West
Belt - Vince
Jewelry - Moi - D Celestine Limited


Money Miss said...

I'd so wear that to school.
Y'know, if I wasn't brutally forced into a disgusting uniform, I mean.

Shopaholic D said...

yea, and this would be totally appropriate for school...well, at least not too revealing...hehe

:) D