Friday, August 18, 2006

My Magazine Debut!

I managed to find an internet connection and wanted to post some exciting news...My first magazine article has been published in super-fab online magazine for the Fancy Flirt section, called "Black is Back! You Know You Miss It..."

Click image or here to view Fancy Flirts on Fashiontribes

For those who think this sounds familiar, it should - it's an extension on a post I did in June - click here to view

I'll be back next week with lots of fun posts so be sure to check it out! ...And be sure to check out the other sweet articles on


Money Miss said...


Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Money Miss!

:) D

The Glamour Bee said...

This is my first real visit to your blog and I find good news! Congratulations! I'm looking foward to reading more.

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks The Glamour Bee! Come back soon!

:) D

thedailyobsession said...

congrats!! that's so exciting! :) Are you going to be regular contributer?

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks! I think so...I'm doing a small sidebar article for their next mag! It's a fun project for sure!

:) D